Everyday Occasions

We love putting together wedding bouquets, but (hopefully) that’s something that you’ll only do once. We’re firm believers that there is always a reason for flowers, which is why we are proud to introduce our Bright Spot Bouquets, jewelry and hairpieces.

Bright Spot Bouquet from Mark the Occasion DesignsA new employee. A birthday. A housewarming. A baby. There is always a bright spot and always reasons to give flowers. Let us create a small bouquet just for you or pick from a stock of bouquets ready for purchase.
Necklace from Mark the Occasion DesignsFlowers are fashionable, so let’s get them on you! We have necklaces, bracelets, and pins just waiting to accessorize your outfit.
Headband from Mark the Occasion DesignsJust because you are dressing casual doesn’t mean you need to look messy. Use our headbands and hairpins to decorate pulled back or pony-tailed hair.

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