How to Reuse Items in Your Bouquet

By Maggie Joos

Seems like there is a trend going where brides are wearing their mother’s gowns. Some are able to just have it fit to their frame. Others are drastically altering it, but still using the base. I love this. What a special thing to do. (And not to be a Grinch, but the money saved is pretty awesome, too.)

But what do you do if your mom’s dress is stained, ripped or completely the wrong size? You call me!

Fabric Wedding Bouquet Using Mother's Dress and Veil

This bouquet was created using lace and tulle from mother’s veil.

I only need a small amount of fabric to add a special sentimental flower to your bouquet. The piece will be permanently altered, but don’t you think this is a better way to keep it than in a box in a back closet?

So do you have any heirloom materials that you would like to incorporate into your wedding? Christening gowns, old bridesmaids dresses, or your sorority t-shirt collection would be a great sentimental touch. As would your grandma’s brooch, beads from a bracelet from a childhood friend or even strings from the shoes you were wearing when you first met your fiancé. Items like jewelry or antique handkerchiefs can be included in a removable way, allowing for your “something borrowed”.

Of course the most traditional statement would be your mother’s wedding dress or veil, but I would be happy to work with a special necktie (or several) from your dad or a piece of clothing from someone who may not be able to join you on your big day. This could be a very grand, but understated memorial.

Let’s chat. If you have something you wish to incorporate, I’m sure we can make it work.

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