Many Creative Ways to Thank Your Bridesmaids

By Maggie Joos

It’s that time of year when we’re asking a lot of our girlfriends. Perhaps they are your bridesmaids (one of the hardest jobs ever!) or maybe they are just helped you move. They may have written a great recommendation for a new job or simply let you sleep over when your air-conditioner died. Sometimes a “thanks” is enough, but a lot of the time it’s worth the extra effort to do something further.Here are some creative ideas for you to consider:

Creative Ways to Thank your Bridesmaids
My personal favorite is fresh cookies, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. The ones that require the least amount of money and not that much time are the most valuable though. Every woman should hear how awesome she is every day. Taking the time to remind your friends how amazing they are will never go unnoticed!

Sure, you could go with the matching jewelry or other event-related purchase, but is that really a gift for them or for you? Hopefully these ideas will help get you thinking about unique ways you can tell your friends they are valued.

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