Alternative to Fresh Flowers at WeddingAt Mark the Occasion Designs, we specialize in hand crafting wedding bouquets — but not from fresh flowers. Our bouquets are made from unique materials that are personal and perennial.  Perhaps your mother’s veil isn’t what you envisioned wearing. With great care, we can turn that veil into a bouquet that offers both sentimentality and beauty. And, it will remain a lasting heirloom that you can pass on.

We create beautiful pieces from just about anything (see our gallery). But if you don’t have a particular piece you’d like to start with, don’t worry. We carry many different types, textures and colors of materials.

Serving brides in Wisconsin and Chicagoland, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you and understand what you want to convey on your wedding day. We’ll provide samples and discuss ideas for the lasting, spectacular pieces you’ll be proud to hold and pass on.

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