Why Not Traditional Floral?

Your mom probably carried a bouquet of fresh flowers when she walked down the aisle. So did her mom. So did your best friend, your cousin, and your second grade teacher. That doesn’t mean you have to use traditional floral! Let me help you be both traditional and unique!

Not a fan of cutting fresh flowers for a one-day event?

nontraditional floral wedding arrangementsNeither am I. Now don’t get me wrong – a surprise bouquet always makes me smile, but when I got married, the thought of chopping down heaps of flowers and having them flown in from all corners of the world was just too much! Instead, I restored my eco-friendly karma and used fabric. No cut flowers, no unnecessary flights.

Also, I can 100% guarantee that my flowers won’t wilt during your big day. Hot churches, ballrooms with cranked A/C, and park pictures in 100% humidity are no match for my designs! Now if only I had the magic wand to keep your make-up perfect, too…

You want something from a certain season, but your wedding is six months later?

fabric flower wedding bouquet in hot pink and metallic silverTulips say spring. Hydrangeas say summer. Fall makes you think of colorful leaves and winter means… Well, in Wisconsin, I think winter means piles of gray snow, dead sticks, and leftover holiday pinecones. We can do better than that! When you use fabric, beads, or feathers to create your flowers, you can use any colors and styles no matter what the season.

You have a special piece of fabric or jewelry to use, but do not know how?

Nontraditional floral bouquet using broochesWhen I got married, my mom offered up her wedding gown and veil. They were beautiful, but not my style. Still, the fabric was in great shape, so I cut it up to create flowers that were added to my bouquet and her lace was added to my new husband’s boutonniere. My mom couldn’t have been happier to contribute to such an important piece and I was excited to have something so special from her that’s now on display in my living room until my own daughter is ready to use it for her big day.

I’ve got designs that include father’s ties, a collection of bridesmaids’ dresses or college t-shirts, and beads from a broken, but sentimental piece of jewelry. Tell me what you want included and I’ll make it perfect for the day.

But I do not have any materials to use?!

Fabric Flower bouquet - ivory, gold, and purple - lace and satinNo worries if you’re starting fresh with your design. Armed with your wedding colors and styles, I will select materials perfect for your event.

And y’all… God bless you if silk flowers do it for you. That is a great, economical alternative. There are bunches of artists that work in that medium, but you won’t find them here. Every item I make is hand-sewn, altered, or wired by me.

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